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Innovative energy with tradition.

Standards are changing constantly; we recognised this a long time ago - and have therefore made the challenges that change brings, our guiding principle.

When PMA was founded in 1993 and Tools in 1994, glass for automotive use was relatively simple in design and construction. However, since then things have changed completely as technology has developed at an unprecedented pace over the past two decades. We have also grown to meet the increasingly complex demands and the result is intelligent and forward-looking solutions that represent true value for our customers.

PMA/TOOLS now offers a sophisticated array of automotive glass accessories. „Made-in-Germany“ is always front and center, valued by customers in over 100 countries worldwide. As a leading innovator in our field we strive for the highest degree of quality with the most modern materials and production processes, thus setting new standards. Specialized services and highly efficient logistics allow us to react expediently to individual customer requirements.

All this is not enough for us, as we are constantly working on not only meeting, but surpassing customer expectations, by encompassing our vision to: “Set standards in quality and service as a worldwide competent partner for comprehensive solutions."